The ‘Speedage’ ELOPHY thruster is an electro hydraulic device to apply thrust force to operate brake through lever arrangement.

The thruster cylinder accommodates a centrifugal pump and a piston with two push-rods extending outside through thruster cover and transmitting effort to the brake.

The robust design Thrustor unit is compact and has long life and is easy to maintain.

Main components used are of high quality cast iron and steel.

The Thruster is operated by an integral three phase squirrel cage motor.

        The device has the following advantages:

1.        Constant Pressure

2.        Gentle Application and release of brake without jerks and shocks.

3.        Larger number of switching-in operations per hour (up to 600).

The rated stroke of each type of thruster can be changed, retaining the same attractive force, by means of sleeves fitted on the rods (inside the body) (this arrangement is possible with models from ST 535 and above)