ELOPHY Thrusters

The ‘Speedage’ ELOPHY thruster is an electro hydraulic device that apply thrust force to operate brake through lever arrangement.

The ELOPHY Thruster is INDIGENOUS and PATENTED Design.

        The device has the following advantages:

  1. The Most Compact Design in the Market.
  2. Robust and long life.
  3. Quickest Action.
  4. Ease in Maintenance.
  5. Constant Pressure.
  6. IP-65 Protection.
  7. Special kind of our Piston Rods material enable it to resist all kind of pitting from external sources and wear and tear.
  8. Due to one of the best Piston Rod material, ELOPHY Thrusters works very smoothly in its life time.
  9. Larger number of switching-in operations per hour (up to 600).