Master Controller

Master  Controllers and Cam Controller


“SPEEDAGE” Master controllers  / Cam controllers are used for remote operation (Cabin Operation) of contactor equipment controlling Heavy duty E.O.T. Cranes & Rolling Mill Drives , on power and control circuit upto 500Volts a.c. , 50 cycles at 40Amps. continuous current and 2.5 amps. at 220 Volts D.C. when handling inductive loads.


  • Long Life

  • Simple Maintenance

  • Wide Electrical Clearance

 Master controllers can also be supplied with following arrangements.

Deadman’s control :

This consists of one auxillary contact of two circuit block (1 NO+ 1 NC) operated through a spring loaded push button provided on joystick handle in case of operator looses the grip over button during operation, motion will come to stop as main contactor will be de-energised.

Spring Return arrangenment :

The master / cam controller can be provided with spring return arrangement whereby handle returns to the neutral position when it is released.

Dual Master Controller

“Speedage” Twin master controller with one universal handle allows a crane operator to operate both bridge and trolley motions with one handle.

Simultaneous operation of bridge and trolley motions provides greater spotting accuracy and faster movement of loads. The handle of joystick can be moved into any quadrant and any position within that quadrant. By controlling both motions simultaneously the operator is free to devote more attention to controlling the hoist motion with is other hand.